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The focus of this site is to provide a list of games accessible to blind players, sorted by average community rating so that you can quickly find the best games. Players can rate games and write reviews so that others can learn more about a game they may be interested in playing. You can even mark reviews as helpful or not, so that the most helpful reviews will show up first. The site focuses on allowing the community to update much of its content so that it never becomes stale. You can also find games written by Ian Reed or the JGT addon for NVDA that allows you to play Japanese games in English in a very smooth and seamless manner. If you're looking for a place to chat or ask questions about games, try the AudioGames.net forum. If you're having trouble finding an old abandoned game try the Audio Games Archive. If you're missing the late Jim Kitchen's website, check out the backup Aprone kindly preserved and maintains.

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I'd like to promote a few of my favorite games:

Thanks to the developers who made those games. We need more quality games like these.