Map Packs

Below are the latest versions of the map packs contributed by map creators.

You can download Tactical Battle here:

Tactical Battle Dev

Bear in mind that some of these maps are still being heavily worked on and are posted here so that players can test them and give feedback to help make them better.

Note: You must download, unzip and place the map packs in the Map Packs folder.

Ian Reed's map packs

Carlos Macintosh's map packs

Allan Thompson's map packs

All of Alan Thompson's map packs

KeyWasFull and Victorious' map packs

ShadowMamba's map packs

Austen Perry's map packs

Questions or comments about the map packs?

The map pack creators can be contacted through our mailing list which you can sign up for on the front page. Often they will also include their email address in the user guide or the author.txt file of their map pack. If you're getting errors when loading the maps be sure you are using the latest dev release available at the top of this page.

Written by Ian Reed

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