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love it by HeyBlinkin

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I love this game. When I figured it out I fell in love. you have various randomly generated maps which might be land, water or a mix of both. you produce units in cities and send them out to conquer other cities which then allows you to produce more stuff. you have two times of battle. world war 2 era units like destroyers, aircraft carriers, battle ships, submarines, bombers, fighters, which are both landable on carriers. as well as tanks, anti aircraft guns etc. the other mode is medieval units like cavalry and archers. the idea is to produce more than your enemy while your enemy tries to invade your space and you beat them off and try and invade them back. the game ends when you have completely been destroyed or have destroyed. so far the longest campaign battle I have played took me 2 months from start to finish and I ended up controlling probably 10,000 units on a 90 times 90 grid map. well worth the 30 bucks if you like to problem solve and you like war games.

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