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a review of alter aeon, the basics and fun things to do by Curnal Coconut

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Alter Aeon is one of those games you are gonna go back to ever so often and here is why. Alter Aeon is a fantacy themed MUD with lots of fun areas to explore and many different classes to choose from/ of course characters can have many classes unlike entombed where you only get 2. for instance you could have your mane class as a necromancer, and then add in a thief as your second class, a druid in your third and so on. combat is spectacular with lots of spells to cast. of course, those spells are learned when you visit each spellmaster in the game and you can only learn certain spells at certain levels. to some classes may already learn a spell when they start out. the necromancer is a good example of this as they learn both coldfire and clay man at the start of the game. quests are optional but are a great way to be awarded with experience and gold. every day, you may often get a daily gift and during advent leading up to christmas. those gifts get better as those christmas gifts may include a free tryal of the item storage area to lots of gold and even the usual experience. lots of things can happen in the game and sometimes you may even find event specific areas and quests which give great rewards when completed. if you are an RPG fan and love to get distracted then alter aeon is one game you will come back to again and again just to check for new things and if you have not played for a while its worth it as you will likely find some changes

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