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Tags: Demo, One time purchase, Roguelike, RPG stat building, Windows

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A great Rpg experience marred by Bugs by keyWasFull

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The idea of Entombed is to fight your way through a dungeon, building up a party of characters along the way, in order to discover its secrets. With several available races and jobs to choose from, you can play the game many different ways. Each dungeon adventure takes 6 to 10 hours of playtime from start to finish.

Your characters fight turn-based battles against enemies that come in groups of between 1 and 5. Characters are given skills and/or spells based on their jobs and, to a much less extent, race. Defeating enemies gives experience to everyone in the party; gaining enough experience allows a character to level up. Leveling up allows a character to allocate a skill point, either to improve the power and accuracy of a move or spell, or to increase the potency of a weapon or armor. Leveling up also increases the character's statistics by a certain percent.

The dungeon is filled with bosses to fight and secret areas to explore. A small settlement between the second and third dungeon floors has a tavern with quest notices that award the player with gold, powerful expendables or powerful equipment. Quests take the form of a group of boss-level enemies a player must defeat in order to claim the rewards.

This all sounds great, but unfortunately the game's usability is subpar. Myriad bugs and exploits still exist. For example, the level up mechanic fully resotres the person who leveled up, but does not heal them of any mangled parts. Skeletons are supposed to be destroyed after their hp decreases to a certain percentage, so if one of your own party is a skeleton and levels up, they become more and more difficult to destroy. This seems like a good thing, until you realize that after all the body parts of the skeleton are mangled, the game will crash whenever an enemy attempts to hit the skeleton because there are no parts that can be hit. The game also slows down as you advance, owing to the increasing complexity of the dungeon levels. The Screen Reader support is unuseable because no attempt is made to time the messages. The Twilight bazarre, available only in the full version of the game, brings up script errors if the interface is used incorrectly, and does not allow one to buy longswords. Random crashes and script errors interrupt the game flow. The game still costs $40 and the developer refuses to work on fixing an of these problems.

Is it worth buying? Maybe. The game and its mechanics are probably worth about $30, and the general markup on audio games is about 25%, so the price is just about right. However, usability issues and no hope of support definitely lower the buying appeal. Luckily, the demo allows you to try out seven floors of the dungeon and a limitd selection of races and jobs, so you can decide whether the bugs, many of which don't show up in the demo, spoil the game too much to buy it.

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