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Tags: Browser game, Card game, Compilation of games, Free, Multiplayer, Traditional / Board game

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Best Platform for playing Traditional games Online by keyWasFull

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The QuentinC Playroom is the best platform for playing many traditional card and board games against other blind players online. Not only blind players can play, as all text is output on the screen in a history window for easy viewing. All the games on the playroom require at least a modicum of strategy; this is not the case with some competing platforms where some of the games are based solely on luck. Most games allow you to set options for the game that vary the play experience. For example, some card games allow you to add non-standard cards to the deck or add extra scoring rules. Hundreds of players from around the world are logged in at any given time of the day, thanks to the efforts of translation teams who have translated the program's text into six languages. The excellent online client allows one to enjoy the games on another computer without installing anything, or on a mobile device. All games are played using a menu-based interface, with the exception of board games which contain a two-dimensional list. This interface consistency makes learning how to play a new game a lot easier. The wealth of available games and game variations, simplicity and consistency of the interface, and myriad options for accessing the client set this client apart from the competition. To top it all off, it's free, so there's no reason not to try it.

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Multylingual compilation of games and also, chat table! by Touxen

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The Quentinc's playroom is alternative of RS games client, but of some differences. RS games client is only in English language, but Gameroom is also in German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and French. Nextly, in RS games, there isn't any free table to chat.

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