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Tags: Free, Turn based strategy, Windows

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Feature-packed map and game creation engine by keyWasFull

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Tactical Battle is a map creation engine that focuses on allowing the user to do as many things ass possible with it. By editing simple text files, a map creator can quickly and intuitively begin developing battle scenarios with a minimum of coding. It is also quite simple to download map packs that other people have created to play through them. The game also supports sound effects and music for a rich audio experience and has plenty of map navigation commands to aid those of us with less spatial awareness. It also has very basic colored tile graphics for those of us who still have some vision left so we can get a visual representation of the map. If the standard engine features do not suit, Tactical Battle allows programmers to create scripts to extend its functionality. Of course, one will always be limited by the constraints of the engine, but there is still plenty of room to make things work. One of the main downsides is the fact that there is no way to compile map packs or protect assets, meaning that a person can simply steal all the sounds used or modify values to cheat a pack. There is, however, also no online competition, meaning there is no true motive to cheat. THe asset stealing is definitely a concern though.

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这个游戏非常好,但我有一个建议 by tuohai

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I hope to add a resistance attribute For example, water vs fire damage doubles Fire vs water damage halved Players can customize damage reduction and damage double My English is not very good, I don't know if developers can understand it haha.

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