Bokurano Daiboukenn 3 details

Community rating: Awesome
Tags: 2D Side Scroller, Free, Japanese, RPG stat building, Story focused, Windows

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bokurano daibouken 3, a truely fantastic game by Curnal Coconut

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this is one great game for a number of reasons. 1. its not just a side scroller, its an rpg as well. 2. the story is well thaught out and has many interesting character sidestorys. 3. there are hidden weapons and secrets and I would like to share my absollute favourites with you. secret 1. in any level, hold both K, O, and N together to summon a cat who will chase monsters and put an end to them. you do not get experience for the cats kills. secret 2. tired of the UFO catcher. get all the items on stage 18/2. spoiller warning. in order to do this you must be playing stage 18/3 and immediately press L at the start of the level once you are in control. before then go to altitude 1 and wait for the landing sound. as soon as you are in the range of the landing spot at the middle you can land. set the dial you see or hear to 5 then exit from the east. now you will want to play stage 18/2 and land where the magic barrier is before the turbulences. the trick is to land just as the radar announces the location of the magic barrier and presto, once you land a whole lode of items appear and you can collect to your hearts content and there is a door to your right. those are my favourite secrets. on top of that there is some music from the other 2 games as well most notably the ark hire city music from bk1 plus most of the sound effects. you are not fighting the same monsters as in the other 2 games these are completely new monsters requiring new stratigies. also with a lot to do even after completion of the mane game. this is one game I truely recommend you try

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Bk3 revief by mandurin

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Hello. My name is Rafael. It is a very short revief audiogame bk3. Game created by yuki onozawa. This game is 2d. Side scroller. I very like this game but game is very difficult. Very platforms enemies and flay skyracer. Best regards.

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