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Tags: Free, Mac, Stationary first person combat, Story focused, Windows

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A pretty sweet little stationary fighting game. by Yuki no Kokoro

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The best way to describe the gameplay of The Blind Swordsman is in the style of Punch-Out series by Nintendo, where your character stands still but can dodge either left or right. In the case of this game, however, the left and right arrows turn you to face your enemy, while up arrow attacks and down arrow guards. Similarly to Punch-out, your enemies will have specific attack patterns that you need to pay attention to by listening to the sound cues and attacking when the time is right. For some enemies, for example, you may need to strike just as they draw their weapons, while for others you may need to attack after blocking an in-coming blow. The length of this game has a lot to do with its difficulty, as it is not a long game to complete. It does, however, offer up various other modes to unlock upon completion. One critical bug I've frequently found is in regards to its save data. On occasion, when I've walked away from the game to return to it later on, I found that I had to start over. The save data itself isn't housed in the folder of the game so it's difficult to be sure weather or not it's being cleared out with other unused cash data but that would be my guess. Don't let this stop you from giving this at least a shot though; it is definitely worth a few tries if anything. As for screen-reader friendliness, the game is entirely self-voicing so you can put your screen-reader to sleep if necessary. Otherwise, sit back, hold on tight to your keybords, and let the slaying begin!

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