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Tags: Demo, One time purchase, RPG stat building, Story focused, Top down action, Windows

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by mollycita

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Manamon is one of the few audio games that has amazing long/term play appeal. I find with a lot of accessible games, once the shiny newness of them rubs off, I have a tendency to shove them into the bottom of my toybox and forget about them...unless I get really REALLY bored. Manamon has made the short list of games I end up going back to again and again, even when I probably should be doing other things.

In this audio game, you travel from town to town in a very unique world, encountering over 100 different types of creatures, AKA manamon, along the way. The object of the game is to capture/collect as many different types of manamon as possible and level your creatures up to be all that they can be, in your army, reserve. This is accomplished through the application of regular exercise and feeding them their Wheaties daily.. Ok not really. Actually, manamon is 2 parts RPG, 1 part turn-based strategy game, and 1 part adventure game.

As you explore, you'll earn experience through battles with randomly encountered wild manamon, as well as NPC's with manamon of their own. Each battle earns you different amounts of gold and xp. As your manamon level up, they may receive points which you can apply towards different stats to help them become stronger in whichever areas are most suited to their individual strengths. each species of manamon falls into one or more elemental category, so each species has different strengths and weaknesses. Some manamon even transform into a new species when they reach a certain level.

The storyline of the game advances when you defeat the "boss" of the particular area you are exploring. Usually, the boss comes in the form of an arena master, but not always. there are arenas in most of the major cities, and you will have to battle your way past each 1 in order to unlock the next section of the game. Along the way, you will find gold, potions and items for your manamon to equip that offer different stat boosts, effects, etc.

Some towns have shops where you can use the gold you've accumulated to buy swag for your manamon. However, not all items in the game can be purchased, so exploring thouroughly is important. Along with treasure chests and items that strangely but conveniently emit loud noises for easy location, there are also random items hidden throughout the game that can only be found by pressing either the C key, the space bar or enter on the spot you're standing on. hitting enter after every single step you take is a pretty tedious strategy for finding this stuff, but sometimes, you're just that bored...

(Cue awkward silence filled with churping crickets.)

No? ok. Just me then.

One of the nicest things about this game is how much play time you can get out of the demo version. I think it allows you to play up through the second arena, but you can wander around collecting manamon and earning xp pretty much infinitely. The demo only cuts you off after finishing the second arena battle, so you can put off finishing that indefinitely. Sure, you won't have access to every single manamon species, but you do get quite a few along with a couple mini quests and a rather large and somewhat confusing dungion-like area to explore. There's also an arcade with, well duh, arcade games in it for you to play and earn tokens. The guy sels some pretty sweet stuff in there if you're a lot better than me at space invaders/sound memory/slot machines and earn enough tokens. In short, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!! DOWNLOAD! THIS! GAME!

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Very respectable game by keyWasFull

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Manamon is a very respectable English game from VGStorm. Unlike many other story based games, Manamon does not end when the story is finished as you can continue to train up your manamon as much as you want. It will take more plalytime to catch all 158 manamon than it does to complete the story, which is a good thing.



For $40, you get a fairly good game that can keep you playing for hundreds of hours. The game is bug free apart from a very obscure crash bug when it comes to moving manamon between partitions in the transportal. The generous demo lets you play all the way up to the second stadium, which is about 15-20% of the entire game. It's definitely worth a buy if you like RPG's.

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Manamon review by Redkitty23

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This game is very awesome! Here's a break down.

You start out as a Tamer (similar to Trainer from Pokemon) who's just starting out on their adventure. You get a choice of three Manamon (like animals and pokemon). YOu get a rival who chooses the Manamon that's strong against yours, and then you start!

You then go around the region and do the Stadium challenge -seven Stadiums- (Stadiums are similar to Pokemon gyms). You also deal wiht the evil Shadow warriors as well.

There are good things about this game and bad.

Pros: Lots of interesting gameplay, good story, immersive sounds and sound track, and very fun rpg elements. . over 100 Manamon to catch and collect . lots of items to equip . Lots of attacks to learn and customize . abilities for some Manamon to have and use for strategies . transformations (like evolving for pokemon) to make your Manamon stronger . Gaining money when defeating feral Manamon (like wild pokemon) . Many areas to explore

Cons: . Story can be a bit ... odd at times . Not enough Manamon have abilities . Not enough easily available equip items (yolu need to use the arcade to get most of them which can be difficult) . Some Manamon types have very little Manamon

Conclusion: If you like rpgs you'll love this game. The gameplay's pretty good and the story's good (with a few weird points). The story's also very dark, which I like since Pokemon games (which this is similar to in some aspects) tend to be a bit too light-hearted at times.

Things to watch out for: There are a lot of puzzles in this game (and some of them are very hard). Be patient and pay attention to patterns in the game and that'll help a lot. There's also a Manamon guide as well that has the full walkthrough and where to find Manamon and items as well that's in text format.

Also, there's a sequel to this game. It's in a different region, so it's only technically a sequel. The gameplay's similar and there are lots of new Manamon, new items, and a completely new and interesting story.

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