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A general review of Crazy Party. by Keith

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Hello, I have been playing crazy party for a very long time and would like to put some information here. There are 2 big parts to crazy party, those being the minigame mode and the battle mode. In the first, you play through a world to unlock other worlds, playing many action packed/reflex testing small games with a timer from 1 to 3 minutes, collecting points which can help you get more gems for buying all manner from goodies from the rewards room, and opening bonus boxes to get gems and coins and something else, I'll leave you to figure out what! The battle mode is a complex mode where you take turns using cards against your opponents or buffing yourself and annoying them with decreasing there stats and putting them to sleep, as well as poisoning, burning or freezing them, or using parry cards to block there attacks and watch it backfire! The board mode is where you play on a board, rolling a dice, which lands from 1 to 6. The number determines how far you move. Here are the different square types you can land on. Blue square: +3 coins, if you have a blue crystal you lose it and get 6 coins instead. Neutral square: nothing happens. Red square: -3 coins. Game square: picks a game associated with the board your playing. Bank: -5/factor coins if you move over it, or if you land on it, you can increase factor by 1, factor starts by 1 by default or you can take all the money you payed into the bank multiplied by the factor and reset the factor back to 1. I have used this to great effect to get 600 + coins at once!

There is also an online mode where you can play mini-games against other players and your friends and host your own server. Last but least is the reward room, where you can spend gems to play your favorite mini-games, unlock custom settings for the mini-game and battle mode, try to unlock mini-games, buy new boards, pay to get an option to make mini-games harder when opening up a new world and more.

Note: the mini-game mode is called adventure mode in game. I hope you found this helpful.

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