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Tags: Free, Menu based, Turn based strategy, Windows

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Some general info about the game by mollycita

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Thought i'd post some useful info about this game to save everyone some time opening other pages to find a description...

(Note; I copied the following description of the game from a post on the audiogames.net forum. I did not write it myself. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due, AKA, hmmm...well...whoever wrote the post. Didn't catch the name, but I think this little blurb covers me as far as plagerism goes? Maybe? hopefully? Warsim is a game by Huw, aka Wastelander. The game is a strategic war game where you build up your kingdom by hiering soldiers, peasants and knights, fight randomly generated other kingdoms including bandits, goblins and independent cities, make alliances, hier champions to fight in arena tournaments for you and explore the world. It is 100% accessible, there is no ascii, just numbered menus and standard console window stuff.

The above link to the audiogames.net forum discussion has a link to the download site, but the game is no longer available for download on that page. I didn't search to see if there's another active link elsewhere.

There is also a link to a instructions/tutorial video on youtube there that probably does work however.

Hope this post was helpful and/or saved everyone some time.

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