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Tags: First person exploration, One time purchase, RPG stat building, Story focused, Windows

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A hero's call, good to know by Dj Senter

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Release of A hero's call brought happiness to the hearts of true audio gamers. For so long, the out of sight games company have been getting us hyped up with the trailers and info about the game. We've been waiting for ages, but now that it's out, I'm sure that all of you reading this review will agree, it was worth it. AHC is something totally different from the rest of the products which were very frequently flooding the audio games.net website. By that I mean: games with stolen source codes, games which had no purpose and the only things to do were walking around and shooting, possibly picking up some items and leveling up. As well as that, the developers of the games used stolen sound effects, didn't put much efford in to their projects and there was a case where they expected us to pay a lot of money for nothing really. Now I guess we should continue reviewing AHC and leave all those unpleasant facts behind. The game itself is a very big, legendary RPG project, involving such elements as professional voice acting, the ability to make choices which will impact the rest of the game play, dialogue choices which represent your character, many side quests, a straight forward quest log which gives the player the information about the currently accepted and completed quests, also a possibility to develop a very nice relationship or friendship with the party members. The navigation in the game might seem hard at first for some, but actually the truth is it's really easy, you just have to know what keys to press and remember what the sounds represent. For example, there is a sound which informs us that we are near a door, if we know that sound, we will certainly react. If we don't know what the sound represents, we will probably go past the door and won't be able to complete the quest, thus being stuck thus making a unnecessary threat on the audio games forum, asking for help. The beacon system is very useful too. If we press control b, the game will show us a list of locations that are marked on our map. If we choose one, a GPS system in a way will tell us where to go to get to our destination. It's also possible to find new locations which will be automatically added to our beacons list by reading books. The game gives us the possibility to set our own beacons for locations. If we are lost, we can look on the map for the location needed. When we find it, we can mark it and make it in to a beacon. Completing the side quests is not required, but it is surely recommended. Side quests can give a player extra gold, experience, the ability to pay less for products in shops, unique items, and even skills which could not be unlocked in any other way than by completing the quest. The combat system is very interesting. Stereo and high quality sound effects give us a sensation as though we were actually fighting instead of the characters in the game. Tons of skills to unlock and use give the player long hours of unforgettable gameplay. The price of the game is very low, some might say that it's too low for such a beautiful game. Never the less, it's out and able to purchase from the outofsightgames.com website. I wish you happy new year and may the OOSG company create more games of this kind. Written by Dj Senter

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a-heros-call by Gushasad

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