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the perfect rpg experience by Curnal Coconut

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breed memorial is an RPG where you, as a new breeder raze monsters to win contests and well, live up to their full potential. you are not alone though as you will have an assistant who will guide you threw your monster's needs. here are the basics you need to know before you start diving in. this game is one of 2 games by maurocooma translated into english so you won't need the jgt addon. translations get updated regularly so its worth updating the game. but now lets get into the game itsself. 1. monsters you raze on your monster farm belong to a specific type and specialize in a specific elament, for instance, water monsters will have skills relating to water type attacks, something that will help you when taking monsters into battle contests. 2. monsters have a lifespan of tipically 4 years so keep that in mind when you raze your monsters and provide for them when needed. 3. stats are an important part of deciding if you think your monster or the monster you plan to raze has potential or not. for instance, a monster that is easilly angered or consentrates a lot may do well in battle or in contests. next, lets disgus how to get monsters. monsters are obtained from monster jewels, I like to call them eggs for logical reasons. but where do you find the eggs? you already have them and you don't have to have installed the game. yep, the monsters you will raze are hidden inside files on your computer. that boring old essay might have something good in it for you to raze up into a healthy and hopefully, amazing monster. you will learn more about monster types when you enjoy the game more. breed memorial also lets you explore places with monsters to find rare items, you can also use this to train monsters too especially in battle. now lets talk about those battles. when a monster is newly hatched, it usually comes with 2 moves, usually weak ones at first but you will eventually learn more, breed memorial hhas a pretty interesting mechanic where if your monster goes to use an attack and is facing a formidible opponent, it will more than likely awaken a new move, unfortunately you can not predict this but this happens naturally. monsters have stats too affecting their overall quality. strength, shows how well they attack physically while inteligance affects magic/special attacks. be aware though that monsters can be slowed down with attacks, slimes, for instance, can learn sticky which can slow opponents down for 5 seconds. during this time the other monster gets an extra turn, if you know you are likely going to face a monster that uses such cheap tactics, train your stats accordingly. and you can do that via purchasing training equipment with the money you obtain from winning contests, or by renting it at a gym for a farely reasonable price. you start off with some basic equipment to begin with so you are not missing a lot. like I said before there are other contests your monsters can enter, there is a special contest and if you've played pokemon ruby and sapphire then this will be familiar. and there is a flag race, and there is a marathon. but you can choose how you want to raze your monsters. keep in mind that you can not raze multiple monsters at once. finally I would like to talk about how to store monsters you are not using. since you can only use 1 monster at a time, the rest are either put in your hybernation room or if you have monsters on their last legs, that is, very old monsters that can not train any more you can combine them to make a monster egg which, when hatched, will produce a strong monster normally inheriting the moves and some stats from the 2 monsters you combined. you can also buy and sell monsters too so the possibilities are almost endless. I could be here all day writing all there is to do in the game, the rest is for you to discover

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