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a well developed game and a must for rpg fans by Curnal Coconut

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manamon2, the etternal requiem is the second in a series of games by vg storm, in the world of manamon, children between the ages of 10 and 14 are able to explore the world and capture and tame creatures known as manamon, these manamon have special abilities that make them suitable for battling other tamers, in this particularly adventure, you were regretibly unable to start your journey but 3 years later, after an accidental encounter with a wild manamon in the cave of faits while on a homework project, here you are, ready to go with your taming licence in hand and manapedia, travling the region to capture and tame manamon, things aren't looking good for the regions residents, for many years the land has been suffering from a droubt and its only a matter of time before you meet up with a misterious fellow calling himself eshkin, who is he? what are hyper forms and what is the purpose of the omalus ruby? you learn more as you play, and boy there are a lot to discover. the main goal of the game is to travil the region of kiarre, collecting stadium keys, you do this by completeing tasks/puzzels while battleing fellow tamers like yourself, or rivals, which ever way you want to put it, after this you have to go up against the strongest tamer, aka the stadium leader, there are 7 stadiums in total, each requireing stratigies and the right manamon to defeat the stadium leaders, and then there is a final showdown at the end of all that. this particular game bumps the number of manamon to a total of 307 manamon, catching them all is going to take some effort but each time you fill up your manapedia, which is a computer that stores details about every manamon you've seen and caught, you are rewarded with some items that may or may not help you, when you complete the game you have the ability to transfer your manamon from the first game over to manamon2 which is a requirement if you want to see them all as there are various manamon you can only get this way and not in the main games areas

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